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Today posture problems are bothering a lot of people. In the busy scheduled life, you totally forget to take care of your health. Mostly, those in the IT field spend hours in front of the system without engaging in any other activities. Even the lifestyle has changed and with all luxuries in hand people don’t even have time to think about their fitness and health. If you are ready to spare a part of your valuable time in exercises and relaxation techniques, you will definitely be able to make your poster better.  Now how to better posture with the help of exercises?

There are a few exercise tips which you can follow at home to correct your poster. Most of the time wrong postures are practised due to bad physical habits while you sit, stand, sleep, drive or move. Hence you have to be very careful with your postures and try to sit erect with proper alignment. When you are home, you may practice a few exercises that will help you a lot in posture correction. When you sit on your chair, try to rest your back straight on the backrest of the chair with your feet placed firmly on the ground. Relax your arms and place it on your lap with palms down. Then raise your shoulder to the maximum while you breathe in deeply. Hold for a second and exhale slowly by releasing your shoulders. This exercise will helps in relaxing the spine and shoulders. Repeat the same to get better results. Now, in the same position, focus your eyes just beyond your nose tip and place your right palm against the chin. Then slowly take deep breath by pressing the palm against your chin to stay in position. You will feel like your body rising when you inhale. Repeat the exercise for few more time for effective results. In addition to these simple exercises, there are also posture training centres that help you with tips and exercises to correct your posture.

You will more results on how to better posture with the help of exercises when you search online. It is always recommended to take advice from experts to get effective and fast results. You will definitely feel better after practising these correction exercises for the stipulated period.


Sparking a trend now: dump medicinal dependence and exercise for better posture

 Self treatment exercises and physiotherapy are related in many ways. Both of them, as experts believe have been serving regular sufferers of back pain and neck pain in more efficient ways than surgical methods. Even medicinal intervention produces a lot of side effects such as unnatural relaxation, fatigue etc. Often continued back pain and muscle spasms can be a result of bad posture habits throughout the day. This is very common to this generation having an extremely busy and locomotive lifestyle.  Thus, the practice of exercise for better posture is taking the medical world by storm as most of today’s youngsters are looking forward to curing their regular pain through self help and self reliance.

The drawback of other alternatives

Various exercises have been developed by notable physiotherapists from all over the globe against this common problem of bad posture. These can be derived from the very famous McKenzie style of exercises as well as from the Yoga style. These exercises have various advantages over other alternatives taken up for improving the posture. Any external object fitted in the body will be a cause of added discomfort which will ultimately lead to reduced use of it. The most basic concept underlying any posture belt or posture corrector is that it needs to be used vigorously and daily. There is a big problem, thus, for these objects.

better posture

Why exercise for posture improvement?

Exercises develop peace of mind and soul along with relieving the body of pain and discomfort. The Yoga styles of exercises, especially posses this quality.  That is why most people nowadays look up to exercise for better posture rather than going for devices that maintain posture by keeping the body in place through extensive use.  In addition to this, exercises are often done by referring to various notable self help manuals. Thus, the spirit of self reliance is maintained which will make the patient self dependent. Exercises are of the following types:

  • Neck exercise and back exercise
  • Exercise of limbs and thigh and calf muscles
  • Exercise of the vertebral column
  • Exercise of meditation for peace of mind

Any standard self help manual can be referred to for exercising under home infrastructure. However, the “Better Posture” DVD by Michaela Sirbu is highly suggested for these purposes.

Better Posture
  • Running time: 28 min
  • Michaela Sirbu
  • English

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