The alexander technique posture helps in reducing mental as well as muscular tensions that you suffer in between the day to day activities of life. Most of the problems especially back pain and other body pain problems are caused due to wrong postures and repeated misuse of the body for a prolonged period. This technique proved to be very helpful for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease and back pain problems.

The Alexander’s approach emphasises on dynamically applying the technique to various actions followed by students and to the everyday movements you follow in your life. The method follows a terminology which is open to new learning experience and improvements. It includes primary control, constructive conscious control, inhibition, directions, end-gaining and psycho-physical unity. People follow the technique to get rid of the pains they encounter or to attain the ability to improve their performance, personal development as well as transformation. For instance, the technique helps a lot in reducing the stage fright thereby helping you to give the best of your performance without any tension. Mostly people into acting, athletics, dancing, music, public figures and those who sit in front of the system for continuous hours as a part of their profession are the ones who gain best out of this technique. The sessions are discussed by the instructor in front a mirror to correct your posture more effectively. This will enhance you to identify your wrong practice easily and helps you to correct it. They will help you with sitting, lying, and standing postures and also helps in correct alignment of head, spine and neck which is very essential.

The main motive behind alexander technique posture is to make people aware of all the bad physical habits they practice while they are at work or at home and help them to improve on it. It is very important to make sure your body is well balanced and aligned while you rest or poise. Sitting or standing with your body weight unevenly distributed, resting your head improperly or holding hands in wrong angles and postures will all lead to negative energy in the body creating lots of problems. It is more an educational program that makes you aware of wrong habits rather than an exercise program or relaxation technique.


Ideal desk posture tips

Are you a person who spends long hours in front of the computer screens? Are you a person who forgets everything around you when you are involved with work? You definitely need to spend time to understand about the ideal desk posture. You need to follow the correct posture in order to avoid ailments like backache, neck pain and shoulder troubles. When you follow the ideal posture, you will be able to keep your spine free of nay stress and help relax your ligaments. The right posture can even help you with proper digestion and keep you safe from ailments like arthritis.

You should sit in your office chair with your back straight and pressed against the back of the chair. If you are not able to reach the table properly when you follow this posture, use cushions to support your back. You should not lean forward in a careless manner and stay in that position for long. While leaning forward, you back muscles will face a lot of trouble and this can become a major reason for backaches. You can either place a towel that is rolled up to fill the gap between your back and the chair when you sit with a straight back. This will help to provide you with a firm support. Try to spend some time everyday to perform few stretches to improve posture. This will make your days better as you will be energetic all through the day.

When you sit at your office desk, make sure that your weight is evenly distributed across both the hips. Do not lean towards either side as it can cause strain to your muscles. While sitting on the chair make sure that you bend your knees at right angles. Try not to sit with your legs crossed. If you are not able to bend the knees at right angles, adjust the height of the chair accordingly to make this happen. While using your phone at work, do not place the device between your ear and shoulder. This has to be avoided in order to avoid muscle pain. Follow the right desk posture always to keep away from muscle pain.

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