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A number of people are facing posture related problems today. It stays for longer periods if not taken proper care and this will lead to further complications. Now, what is posture correction and how is it helpful? Many are not aware of its significance and hence are least bothered about correcting their postures. Back pain or shoulder pain can affect your daily life adversely and it can cause a threat to your daily activities too. Hence, if your posture is incorrect take the initiative to fix it. This can be done with the help of posture correction exercises which are quite easy to follow.

Developing posture awareness among the youth is very important in order to make them understand its significance and understand the side effects of wrong postures at the young age itself. If motivated at the right age to follow the right posture without fail when they study, sleep or sit in front of the TV or laptop it can keep away unnecessary stress to the body muscles. This will help them to lead a healthy life and this in turn will enable them to perform their daily chores in the best possible manner. The right way of sitting in a chair is by keeping your back straight and resting against the back of the chair. The back muscles are indeed strong but you need to provide a rigid support all the time in order to avoid pain. You should also keep your knees at right angle position and if this is not possible with the current height of your chair, make sure you adjust it accordingly.

To start with the correction procedure you can seek the help of the internet. If you are not very much technology savvy, ask your doctor what is posture correction and you will be provided with adequate help. You might have to follow certain exercises on a daily basis to get your posture corrected. Most of these workouts can be completed without the help of extra equipments and once this is done for a period as suggested by the doctor, you will be able to follow the correct posture while you sit, stand, sleep and walk.

Why is fixing posture important?

While sitting, standing, walking and sleeping you need to make sure that your body is not undergoing any unusual stress. If proper rest is not provided to your back muscles while sitting at your office desk for long durations you will soon suffer pain in your back. This will cause a lot of troubles and you might not be able to enjoy your work thereafter. It is always better to avoid the trouble by fixing posture well in advance. Treatment of back pain might cost you a lot of money and hence it is always to avoid the mess. To start off, you need to analyze your posture and identify the flaws.

If you are a person who leans forward to the computer keyboard while sitting at your office desk, you need to stop doing the same. You have to sit with your back resting against the back of the chair. Your back does need a firm support and this can be provided only if you sit with a straight back. When you are bored, you might lean forward to rest your hands on the table but this action causes your back muscles to strain a lot without adequate support. Fixing bad posture is very important.  If you are comfortable only when you lean forward, make sure you use an extra cushion to support your back. Similar attention should be given when you stand too. You need to make sure that your standing posture is correct in order to avoid pain the knee. The weight of your body should be distributed evenly between both the legs. You should give the body weight to the balls of your feet when you stand and not the heels.

Are you still wondering why fixing posture is important? Well, life needs to be lead without any kind of stress. Your mind and body should be free of any stress in order to make your life happy. Pain in your back, shoulder, neck or knee might not cause a major threat to your lives but it will definitely cause you unhappiness. When you correct your posture, you can keep away this unhappiness to a great extend.

Some good posture tips to improve regular ergonomics

 Poor postures can be caused over time by various habits in our everyday lifestyle. From the way of sitting in the office chair and the posture in front of the computer to the way of sitting while driving. The sleeping habits and standing for continued periods of time everyday can affect our posture adversely.  Poor posture can interfere in careless lifestyle by causing aggravating periods of back and neck pain. It may even damage the spinal health. The good thing is that all the factors which control ergonomics and posture are definitely in one’s own hand and is flexible enough to work upon and amend.

posture correction

Maintaining proper posture in everyday life

When it comes to maintaining proper ergonomics, there are a lot of approaches that one can take up. However, certain basic guidelines remain intact in all these approaches whether it is by self-help or by the intervention of medicine or surgery.

Some tips from the experts

Certain good posture tips from leading physiotherapists and orthopaedist organizations are:

  • Try to know and identify the symptoms and warning signs given by back and neck pains that the general ergonomics needs attention
  • Try to keep the muscles within enough locomotion and stretching.
  • While sitting in the flexible or tight office chair and while standing for any reason, try to keep the body in perfect alignment.
  • Ergonomics office chairs are available on the market as well as various ergonomics peripherals for the computer. A reliable Posture belt can be readily used as much as possible. These props help infinitely in keeping good posture.
  • Lifestyle setting should be modified as per ergonomics requirements and a general awareness must be developed.
  • Good exercise options are always the best self treatment procedures to correct bad posture and maintain good posture.
  • Avoid high heels regularly. Instead, switch to supportive ergonomics footwear for standing.
  • Ergonomics should be consciously maintained in all motion throughout the day.
  • An overprotecting posture should be avoided as far as possible.
  • The workspaces and other important environments in the daily course should be ergonomically developed and reconfigured.

For further reference for some good posture tips, one can refer to the widely followed self-help manual by Janice Novak on how to stay younger and fitter through correct posture.

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